Herbal Facial Steam 100g




One of the simplest ways to deeply cleanse skin, facial steaming with our herbal mix of lavender, rose and chamomile helps to clear pores, soften skin, improve circulation and boost hydration. This combination acts as an anti-inflammatory aid, helps to balance oil production, stimulate cell turnover and promote moisture retention.

Make this part of your weekly skincare routine. For best results, follow with a face mask for ingredients to penetrate deeply into skin through opened pores.

Directions for use:

Before steaming, cleanse skin thoroughly to remove all impurities. Place 1 tablespoon of dried herbs in a large heat-proof bowl and cover with 500ml of boiling water. Hold your face 30cm from the bowl, draping a towel over your head and the edges of the bowl. Close your eyes and enjoy the relaxing steam for 5-15 minutes.

Follow with our Cleopatra Rose Water facial mist to close pores and tone skin.

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