Ilham Soulkani, Founder of ORKANI
Orkani Skincare originated from the passion of its founder, Ilham Soulkani, for nature and its beneficial role in skincare. From its humble beginnings, with a teenage Ilham producing her own natural homemade recipes in Morocco, to establishing her brand in the UK as one priding itself on delivering the best products and customer service to its clients. Orkani’s mission is to provide enhancement products for better skincare, using pure, organic and unrefined ingredients, which are cruelty-free and suitable for all skin types.
The journey to being a successful businesswoman at the age of 23 has been driven by an inner strength and determination to overcome a troubled youth and prove to the world that she can achieve anything she sets her mind to.
“My parents divorced when I was three and moved to different cities, so I grew up in the loving care of my grandmother, as happy as any other child. However, in young adolescence I began to realise the care I was missing out on from my parents and, though I was part of a big family, I felt alone. It was during my studies of economics at college and university that family issues intensified, which not only impacted negatively upon my grades, but imprisoned my dreams. I took the biggest decision of my life to leave the house I had grown up in and begin a self-sufficient life where I could be happier and start to make my ambitions a reality – I am a dreamer and believe in making the impossible possible. I took various jobs in order to support myself, continuously striving for better work so that I could fund my goals. The future finally started to look brighter; I felt the universe was finally giving back and I was being rewarded for my efforts over the years.”
It was during this positive period that Ilham met her husband and moved to the UK, where she received diploma qualifications from the College of Naturopathic Medicine and Formula Botanica in the formulation of organic skincare products. This professional background ensures each product is the result of extensive research for the most effective ingredients to treat particular skin concerns, to offer the best experience to clients. Orkani Skincare has three key pillars of high product quality, luxury packaging and excellent customer service.
Through her brand, Ilham hopes to encourage people to appreciate the world around them and the benefits that nature can bring to their everyday lives, not just their skincare. In particular, she wishes to inspire younger people of this perception for future generations, so that her products may be a legacy to help others.