Come Alive Facial Oil – Anti wrinkles & Fine lines – 50ML


From the treasures of nature, we extracted for you this combination of powerful, unrefined organic oils rich in antioxidants; unsaturated fatty acids; vitamin A, B, C, E and K, plus omega 3,6,7 and 9. This blend penetrates deeply which feeds and regenerates skin cells, helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fines lines, whilst nourishing your skin by replacing lost moisture.

Key Ingredients: 

  Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil:  Rich in vitamins,  antioxidants, fatty acids and more. It belongs among the greatest source of vitamin A, C, E, K also rich in omega 3,6,9 and 7. Sea buckthorn repairs oxidative damage and has wonderful anti-ageing properties. It hydrates the skin and promotes the formation of collagen, a structural protein essential for youthful skin. The anti-ageing benefits of collagen are endless, from helping to plump the skin and prevent sagging to smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

  Organic Evening Primrose Oil: Evening Primrose Carrier Oil exhibits soothing and moisturizing properties, and it is gentle enough for use on sensitive and prematurely ageing skin. It is reputed to not only moisturize but to also enhance elasticity as well as the texture of flaking or peeling skin, making it an ideal ingredient in formulations for mature skin. With astringent and softening properties, it promotes the look of a healthy, clear, rejuvenated complexion with enhanced radiance. By addressing roughness, wrinkles, redness, dryness, and irritation, it is reputed to soothe skin afflicted with acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

  Organic Rosehip Oil: Rosehip oil naturally contains oleic and linoleic. These essential fatty acids valued for their moisturising and anti-ageing properties, fatty acids boost skin hydration and restore elasticity to battle fine lines and wrinkles. Plus the high level of vitamin C alone gives rosehip oil a potent anti-ageing effect.



Directions for  use:

– Use at night on clean skin, applying a few drops to your face and neck, massaging thoroughly until absorbed.

– Do not use on the eye area and mucous membranes, during pregnancy or during the day.

– Keep out of reach from children.

– Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

ORKANI’s Products :
– Formulated with Natural & 98% Organic ingredients.
– Not tested on animals.

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